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Dayleen Aldridge

Client Advocate

Dayleen Aldridge is a Weight Loss & Health Coach, at Bakersfield Weight Loss, one of the top weight loss companies in the nation.

After going through her own transformation in her 20’s of losing 85lbs, overcoming an unhealthy relationship with food and the excuses of not having time to cook. Dayleen took a nutrition course at the community college and learned how to cook healthy meals for herself and her family. Her passion grew for helping others lose weight and feel the joy of loving their bodies. She became a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach with National Academy of Sports Medicine. Dayleen found her calling to help other men and women release their struggle with food, weight and their limiting beliefs of what a healthy body is.

To date, she has helped 1000’s of men and women transform their health through her education & coaching programs as well as certified 1000’s of women as fitness, nutrition & weight loss coaches through corporate and professional training programs.

Fitness Expert, Holistic Nutrition Coach, Yoga Instructor, Certified Life Coach and Leading Business Coach, Dayleen’s commitment to men’s and women’s health has rewarded her with over 15 years of experience along with developing beautiful relationships with the people she has educated and mentored.